Baby seagull spray-painted red by cruel vandals

  • The young herring-gull was sprayed all over with red paint by cruel yobs
  • The bird was taken in by Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary in North Yorkshire
  • 'Poppy' will not be live among other gulls as she will be victim of bullying 
  • Wildlife experts call the act ‘disgusting’ and say bird’s feathers are ruined - she will need specialist care for years

A young herring-gull will need specialist care for years after cruel vandals attacked her with spray paint. The bird was taken in by Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary, North Yorkshire, after she was found covered in thick red paint.

The baby gull, who rescuers have named Poppy due to her new colour, is only a few months old and now faces a couple of flightless years while waiting for the damaged feathers to fall out.

'She is only a baby and so she is unable to fly at the moment which means she is fairly easy to get hold of,' Alexandra Farmer, who runs the sanctuary, said. 'It looks like the paint that is used on the road. I think two people must have painted her because they have lifted her wings to paint underneath. One person would have held her and the other would have painted. She won’t be able to fly now because the paint has made the feathers rock hard and stiff. She keeps looking at her feet because they are so red but there is no way to wash it off.

'She's going to need a lot of TLC. The paint is very fumy and I've had to keep her in a well aerated room. She smelt terrible when she was found and that amount of fumes would make breathing quite difficult. They have painted her face and so I am taking her to the vet to make sure she didn’t breathe too much of it in.’

'The bird isn't suitable for the wild and is not suitable to be with her own kind. The feathers are ruined and because she is a sea bird she needs to be well oiled which means she is no longer waterproof. People need to know the dangers. It's just disgusting that people can do this.'




This is ridiculously sad, however the poor gulls case is not as bad as it seems.

Her life won’t be ruined for years, once she goes through her molt in slightly less than a years time all of her feathers will be replaced and healthy again. Additionally if they really needed/wanted to they could pull her flights feathers and tail feathers and new ones would start to re-grow within weeks. Once she molts out the painted feathers she should be good to go assuming she doesn’t become to acclimated to humans.






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I am so excited about this omg.

This is incredible! Way to go seaworld!

OMFG I can’t wait for this!! So stoked it’s starting at SWSD!!!!

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Although I’m beyond sad about Bingo, he honestly lived a good life.

He lived to and even slightly surpassed his species average lifespan, he sired 4 successful, beautiful, healthy offspring and two stunning grand-offspring, he had awesome dental health for the duration of his life, and he had a constant stable pod, even being able to live with his calves right from birth.

RIP Big guy, you had a good life and will never be forgotten.